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Know us

Know us

The forest is our home, a source of freedom that gives ideas of something better. Every step has made us feel more at ease and now we have come to the point where it’s our turn to give something back. Come for a walk with us.

We have both been there, in the city feeling lost. Tomasz was a chef in top restaurants in Poland and Theresa was working in the film industry in Finland. Passionate as we both are, we worked hard and forgot about ourselves. We were not happy. 

Luckily passion also wakes you up. At some point you know that you can’t continue the same way. We both found that nature is a place to find silence and that’s where we went. We met in the forest and got to know ourselves and each other in the forest. 

Today we are both certified wilderness guides since a few years back with experience in guiding in the northern parts of Finland. We offer an alternative way of experiencing the north. We want to show you our idea of what makes Finnish people the happiest people in the world.

Theresa about Tomasz

Tomasz is a caretaker. He enjoys spoiling others with his delicious food and beautiful handicrafts. He is intensely passionate and has a deep respect for the natural world. With an openness he observes himself and the world around which leads him closer to the solutions and a peaceful mind.

Tomasz loves: Woodwork, rock climbing, cooking and learning about history. Angry Birds is also cool.

Tomasz about Theresa

Tessa is looking at the world in a way that I have never seen before. She is able to see details and beauty in things which I normally just pass by. She is crazy about birds, arts, patterns in branches made by wood bugs, our dog Siida and of course me 🙂

Tessa loves: observing birds, reading books about nature and philosophy, making jewelry and handicrafts, rock climbing and running.


Instagram: @wildoutfinland
Facebook: @wildoutfinland
Call Tomasz: +358 40 585 3110
Call Theresa: +358 45 650 8380
Area: Vasaraperä in Kuusamo, Finland

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