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Take a peek into our
wilderness kitchen

Have lunch in the forest, while sitting on a wooden bench, a stone, an old stump or just straight on the softest of moss. Smell the bog and the burning wood in the campfire. Taste the slight smokiness of every dish. This is a rare experience that gives you a sense of reconnection.

Eating in the wilderness after a long day trip makes a completely different culinary experience. It’s a celebration for all our senses. Sitting together around the campfire has something ancient about it, it’s familiar and makes us feel at home. We like to spoil ourselves with food while being in nature. Food tastes so much better outdoors. 

In our every program we invite you to our wilderness kitchen in the middle of the nordic forest. This is quite an idyllic spot where we have built a shelter overlooking a very typical Finnish scenery. Just sit back and let your wilderness chef surprise you with a three course lunch on the open fire. 


  • seasonal products
  • herbs, mushrooms and berries picked in the forest around us
  • local products made in Kuusamo and Lapland 
  • Finnish and Polish traditions with different techniques from around the world 
  • many years of experience in the restaurant industry in Europe

We are mainly using vegetables in our cooking, but if it’s possible to find locally caught fish or wild game, we’ll enjoy that as well. 

We are aware of different diets and allergies which you might have because of your health condition or beliefs. We highly respect that. 

Please remember to inform us about your specific diet when booking the trip.

Experience our
wilderness kitchen

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