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There is a lot of talk about sustainability these days, but at its core, it’s quite simple. Take only what you really need. Take good care of things. Don’t harm others with your actions. And don’t forget that there will be generations after us.

At Wild Out, we see ourselves as part of nature’s whole and a long-term temporal continuum. For us, sustainability is a holistic way of being, living, growing, and developing. Practically, sustainability for us means the following:


Only by taking care of yourself can you take care of others. The best way to achieve this is to be and move in nature. You are also a kind of nature reserve yourself.


For us, all kinds of people and animals are equally valuable, and every species has its place in the whole. We believe in the power of equality and diversity.


We live, move, and make purchases according to the cycle of the year and the rhythm of nature. We favor seasonal, local products and activities.

Quality over quantity

We prefer high-quality products and take good care of them. This extends the lifespan of things and conserves natural resources. It also generates less waste.

Continuous learning

Nature, ecosystems, cultures, and sustainability always offer something new to learn. Only by acquiring knowledge can we grow, understand, and act correctly.

Our operations are Green Activities certified. A company with a Green Activities certificate is committed to increasing environmental awareness among its staff and customers, reducing the environmental impact of its operations, and ensuring the well-being of tourism animals. The certification is based on a set of sustainability criteria designed specifically for activity program operators. The certified operator must commit to meeting and regularly reporting on these criteria.

We support sustainable modes of travel and offer a 10% discount on our services to customers arriving by bicycle.

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