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The magic of walking

I can proudly say that Wild Out is a result of spending time in nature. Everything started in the forest. The past few years me and Tomasz have been strolling in the woods, almost on a daily basis. While walking we’ve been creating something that hopefully you will enjoy as well.

The sauna effect

We like to walk without any bigger aim, just to get some fresh air. Most of the time we don’t even know where exactly we’re going, just letting the surroundings guide us. 

Usually after a while we come to talk about topics deeper than we usually do. It’s the same thing that often happens when Finnish people go to sauna. First you sit for a while in silence and after some löyly, someone breaks the silence and starts pouring their heart out.

In the forest we walk between the trees in silence until one of says

“Something came to my mind…”

The walk continues until the topic is finished and just like that we find ourselves being back at our front door.

The magic of walking

It is often said that walking boosts your creativity. I can agree on this from experience. Strolling around magically gives me completely new thoughts and solutions that somehow I couldn’t find while sitting at home. 

I believe that a big reason for my peaceful feeling after walking, is the environment I’m privileged to stroll around in. I’m lucky to have forest all around. On top of that I’m free to walk just about anywhere I feel like.

The natural environment gives me only the necessary information I need at that specific moment. I’m not bothered by any news or notifications.

So my mind opens. You never know what you’ll find when you enter the forest.

That’s why I keep going back. 

Walking together

Walking is exciting and so is the fact that this is my first ever blog post on our brand new website! Suddenly we’re here, visible to you, whoever you are. What a crazy thing! 

I still want to add that however creative we’ve become here in the middle of the forest, none of this would have been possible without the help of others.

Thank you to everyone who believed in us and gave us the best of advice and support! 

A special thanks to Hannamari Kovanen who created the visual design for Wild Out and our website!